The BC Sport Leadership Conference brings together a diverse collection of organizations, teams, and individuals with the singular purpose of improving our craft.

The conference also provides opportunity to share previous experience, successes, and best practice with those of a familiar mindset.

Our speakers are entrusted with delivering engaging content in their areas of expertise. They’ve also been asked to present you with usable material and key takeaways.

Our partners have enriched the BC Sport Leadership Conference experience by planning additional sport specific symposiums, clinics, and educational opportunities.







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note: "BCSLCx" are TED Talk length presentations

Lunch provided by the BC Sport Leadership Conference


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Closing Remarks


Jack Clark

Head Coach Men's Rugby
University of California Berkeley

Alix Krahn

PhD Candidate Kinesiology & Health Sciences
York University

Kerry MacDonald

Director of Sport Science, Medicine, and Innovation
Volleyball Canada

Glen Mulcahy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Paradigm Sports: Don't be a Kid's Last Coach

"You have influenced someone to believe in themselves in a way that they couldn't and I think that there's a possibility for you to do that more often... and that's why we're here today."

Lindsey Wilson | 2016 Speaker | Founder - Positive Performance Training


"The things you say and the things that you do, the things that come out of your mouth can stick with a kid for a lifetime...and you don't get to pick and chose what they remember."

John O'Sullivan | 2016 Speaker | Founder & CEO - Changing the Game Project


"I'm on an adventure to discover and share the science of growth and development."

Trevor Ragan | 2016 Speaker