Ashleigh McIvor-Demerit

Winning at No Cost

Ashleigh uses her experience to explain how being a multi-sport athlete led to her crowning success.

Lindsey Wilson

Why Mental Training is the Next Big Thing

Co-founder and developer of Positive Performance Training, Lindsey Wilson shares the effective mental training tools used to improve consistency, confidence, and focus of athletes.

John O’Sullivan

Beyond X’s and O’s

Founder of the Changing the Game Project, John O’Sullivan, explains how traditional coaching education only touches on a small part of overall leadership. John explains how coaches are to be mentors, better teachers, and have positive significance for players.

Jay Demerit

Cultivating Captains

Former Vancouver Whitecaps FC captain, Barclays Premier League Captain, MLS All-star, and US Men’s National Team Member Jay Demerit discusses how he learned to lead as a player and how he worked together with his coaches to get the maximum out of their teams. He explains how team dynamics are an integral part of building success for both groups and individuals.

Trevor Ragan

Growth Mindset

Train Ugly founder Trevor Ragan discusses nurturing and developing the growth mindset to help coaches and athletes thrive in the “jungle environment.”